Welcome To The Friščić Research Group!

The Friščić group, which was kick-started in August 2011, is a part of the McGill Unversity Chemistry Department's push in Green Chemistry. The principal interest of the Friščić group is in developing and exploiting solid-state, solvent-free and near solvent-free reactions for the purpose of cleaner and more energy-efficient synthesis.

Friscic Group Photo

We aim to develop a system of chemical synthesis that would rely exclusively (or nearly so) on solvent-free reactivity. In other words, our interest is to develop a different type of chemical synthesis and demonstrate its applications on a broad diversity of targets: from small organic molecules, to porous metal-organic frameworks, metallodrugs, organometallics as well as supramolecular cocrystals held together by hydrogen and halogen bonds. In doing so, our research now follows two principal directions:

1) Mechanochemistry:

Reactions initiated, enabled or conducted through the use of mechanical force. Mechanochemistry allows the rapid, low-energy and quantitative synthesis of a number of useful products: thiourea organocatalysts, porous frameworks, pharmaceutical cocrystals and salts.

2) Accelerated Ageing

Simple inorganic raw materials such as oxides, sulfides, and phosphates undergo biologically-induced mineralization to form metal organic materials. We accelerate these natural processes in the laboratory to provides quantitative synthesis of porous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) directly from inexpensive precursors in a few days .